I have finally come to realize that I am a new Creation in Christ; that the old things passed away; and that new things have come. I am experiencing that Jesus dwells in me and is conforming me to this new man.

At times I feel like I’ve been taken over by this powerful, tender and all-pervasive force that compels me to align my compass to “true” north (before, it was set on “self” north!). I now experience the Lord taking me to new dimensions in learning; to be focused yet surrendered to the activities He has set for me today, and content in His company.

In this process I am having to choose to take all my thoughts and feelings captive to Christ and just enter into His rest, moment by moment. This has definitely messed with my self-reliant, can-do, plan-out-my-life model!

There is certainly a balance to be had here (and I cannot say that I have attained it). However, I am so captivated by His care and love for me in this new awareness of my relationship to Him, that I am loosing any sense of preoccupation.

What makes matters most intriguing is that in my present circumstance Jesus must now “show up” or I will look like a fool for what He has placed on my heart. And maybe that’s the bottom line; it is all about Him – and not about what I can do for Him.

Thank you Jesus. Thank you TLM. Thank you for your company and encouragement as we journey together.

Robert Z (USA)