Praise God for 50 Graduates!

Thank you so very much!!!!

We are about to host a graduation of 50 people from our Guatemala ministry center and will have the privilege of having Luis and Ivonne with us from Cuba; Jorge and Paola from Columbia; and even a contingent from Phoenix, AZ!

We are happy to have such a big event here in […]

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What a Birthday Gift!!

Today is my 33rd birthday in the Lord. Without that new life, I am confident there would be no me… no marriage… no children… no family of believers who love me unconditionally, nor individuals I have been privileged to call friends.

This new life is an amazing and undeserved gift from God. And I continue to […]

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Its now a whole new life!

I have finally come to realize that I am a new Creation in Christ; that the old things passed away; and that new things have come. I am experiencing that Jesus dwells in me and is conforming me to this new man.

At times I feel like I’ve been taken over by this powerful, tender and […]

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You have transformed my life…

I thank God for your life and your precious ministry. I was transformed by the grace of God and the teachings of your VCL Conference, and I’m sure will continue to help others find their truth in Christ Jesus and out of the pit of despair where they are.

I now serve the Lord through the […]

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Life is so much easier…

My relationship to God has strengthened tremendously because I came to the realization that I must turn everything over to Him daily. The key word is everything. I do not allow myself to hold onto anything not even my thoughts. I asked God to make my thoughts His thoughts. Life is so much easier when […]

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Our leadership was blown away!

Warm greetings to you from Siberia! Together with our pastors we were discussing the first fruit of your visit to Novosibirsk and I asked them what they thought about the ìVictorious Christian Livingî seminar. Here are their responses:

First of all, my wife Nadezhda gave the highest opinion on your work. She has been a Christian […]

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