Total Life Ministries, Inc. (TLM) has developed training tools and materials to help lay organizations and churches train their people to effectively minister to people in need as well as to successfully disciple others to become workers in the kingdom of God.

Instead of giving supremecy to doctrines and theological positions to determine what the Bible says, we at TLM let the Bible speak for itself. For example, it’s obvious that the Great Commission isn’t evangelism but discipleship according to Matthew 28:19-20. You’ll note it says go and make disciples, not evangelize. The last verse of the chapter says that discipleship is accomplished through helping a believer obey all the teachings of The Word.

The Great Commission is long-term involvement with people – not one time evangelistic crusades to generate money. As someone is lead to Christ, the time is taken to help that person grow holy, mature and actually experience Christ as life, so that eventually that same person becomes an active worker in the kingdom of God.

The work of the contemporary church in most cases is programs or entertainment, not the work of the kingdom of God (which is transforming lives). It is too easy to become so busy with church programs that there is no time to truly minister to and disciple people. The common mentality of the church is all too often education, or the learning of more information. It is not information but transformation that is the specific and unique work of Total Life Ministries.

We accomplish this in a number of ways. The primary method is by having one person with an overflowing life in Christ walking with another person until the disciplee’s life is victorious and mature, ultimately enabling them to minister to the next person. To assist in that process there are various kinds of training. The first is our “Victorious Christian Living” Conference. The second is our “Lay Ministry Discipleship” Training. Thirdly, we offer a “Training in Counseling” course which is a program for the practical application and experience of ministry.

To make these ways more accessible, they have been produced as digital resources that can be viewed, listened to, or purchased online (as well as in hard-copy formats). There are leader’s guides available to help organizations or churches to enhance or establish their own Biblical Discipleship ministries. There are additional workshops available that address various other areas of life (Financial, Communication, Parenting, etc.). These workshops are designed to help individuals solve problems and live more righteously or effectively.

We trust that you will be both encouraged and equipped through the ministry of TLM, and hope to count you among our many worldwide partners in expanding the work of the Kingdom until He returns!