Personal Maturity

The long term result of discipling (as illustrated by Jesus’ own life and ministry) is numerically staggering. Although no individual ministry’s process works perfectly, even half effective discipling of believers is superior to the present focus on evangelism.

Personal maturity in Christ requires being open transparent, confrontive, involved, misunderstood, and accountable, etc. This is precisely what keeps most Believers from ever getting involved in discipling or being discipled. The primary reasons for such an immature, immoral, ineffective and unproductive church in society today are its selfish, self-centered, independent individualism.

According to Ephesians 4:12 the saints are to be doing the work of the ministry not a few limited numbers of paid professionals. Christianity has become a job or profession instead of the life of the Lord Jesus indwelling believers and transforming the people and societies around them.

Isaiah 61:1-6 (quoted by Jesus in Luke 4) describes God’s definition of the work of the ministry. First of all it’s a work of the Spirit of God through individuals and not committees, programs or entertainment (vs. 1). Secondly it’s a work to broken hearted, afflicted, bound, blind, captives (vs. 1). Thirdly it is a message of good news which brings liberty, freedom and comfort (Vs. 1-3). Fourthly, it is a message that results in praise and gladness. However, it’s not only a life of victory but of maturity able to weather the storms of life like an oak tree (vs. 3). Fifthly, this message produces laborers described as priests, or ministers of God. These are the same people who were once the broken down, helpless and needy people now doing the work of the kingdom (transformed lives) (Vss. 4-6).

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