Over the past 30 years, the Lord has used the collective resources and staff of TLM to enlarge and strengthen His Kingdom by:

1.) Helping thousands of hurting people around the world see their desperate need for a relationship with God and to assist them in making a commitment of faith in Jesus Christ.

2.) Providing millions of dollars in free counseling services to individuals and families that has healed marriages; restored relationships between siblings, spouses, children/parents, friends and also associates in business and ministry.

3.) Teaching thousands of people how to walk according to God’s design in all 7 areas of life, thus creating stability, maturity, and confidence in their walk with God and others.

4.) Training hundreds more to be able to counsel, teach, and train others in what they’ve learned about God’s design for all 7 areas of life as well as to enjoy His absolute and loving commitment of care for all of mankind.

5.) Establishing formal counseling and training centers around the world, assisting churches to do the same, in order to continue this work in many different languages and cultures.

6.) Creating and publishing an extensive variety of multi-lingual materials (available both digitally and physically!) in support of these processes of healing, teaching, training and serving.