Warm greetings to you from Siberia! Together with our pastors we were discussing the first fruit of your visit to Novosibirsk and I asked them what they thought about the ìVictorious Christian Livingî seminar. Here are their responses:

First of all, my wife Nadezhda gave the highest opinion on your work. She has been a Christian all of her life, and she said she hadnít seen many such teachings. Nadezhda used three words to describe her feelings: functional, profound and practical. I have to admit that her evaluation has a lot of weight!

I totally agree with her as I consider that unsystematic knowledge will never give that effect in the spiritual life of a Christian, which systematic and structured edification in faith can give. It is like our body ñ there is a blood system, nervous system, digestive systemÖ there is nothing unsystematic and chaotic. The Lord made everything very carefully and organized. The same is in the spiritual life of a person ñ everything must be structured and ordered.

During pastorsí fellowship pastor Aleksandr pointed out the great number of practical examples. He was especially touched by how you had covered the topic about life without rejection.

Pastor Dmitry said that it was amazing how within a short time you had managed to cover all the most important spheres of a personís life.

Pastor Oleg expressed an opinion that, no doubt, this is the best material to minister the new converted people as it perfectly shows the inner world of a person.

Pastor Evgeny pointed out that conditioning factor of the effectiveness of the program is that the Word of God is presented in a simple way taking into consideration the needs of peopleís souls.

We are especially pleased with the fact that the materials have been tested many times and have brought a lot of good fruit in lives of real people.

We also have received positive feedback from the members of the congregation. And we all share the opinion that it is necessary for our church to continue working on these materials on a regular basis. We want all members of our church to immerse into this wonderful and fruitful system. As you know the Lord has spread our vision far beyond Novosibirsk, and Novosibirsk region. We would like to use the materials everywhere God sends us to! We honestly believe that everyone who chooses this path will experience a tremendous breakthrough in all the spheres of his/her life!

We are deeply grateful to the Lord that He gave us such precious friends as you!

Thank you so much for bringing the program ìVictorious Christian Livingî, and opening your hearts to us! We love you very much and with hope and encouragement look forward to seeing what God will do in this part of the world using our relationship!

Abundant blessings!
Vitaly and Nadezhda Maksimjuk
Pastoral team of
Covenant church of Novosibirsk