Home Fellowship

Home Fellowship Network (HFN) is a loosely connected association of home fellowships (or house churches). The network provides an opportunity for the fellowships to encourage one another and make known their locations to the Body of Christ at large so they can attend. HFN provides materials, resources and help in starting and facilitating the gatherings.

Home Fellowship Network:

  • Considers Jesus Christ to be the Head of the church (fellowship), the center of worship, the resource of all needs of the body.
  • Views Jesus Christ’s goal for the church to be sanctifying the members, conforming them to His image and preparing them for mutual ministry to each other.
  • Gathers informally, usually in a home, with the common bond of Jesus Christ, as the result of spiritual birth in Him.
  • Consists of people from varying denominations who want intimate, not superficial, relationships with one another.
  • Makes church decisions through consensus (Acts 15:22, 25)
  • Enjoys prayer, praise, worship, Bible teaching, communion and testimonies of the Lord’s work as common practice.
  • Believes in the priesthood of the believer for the work of the ministry and therefore doesn’t have a so-called “professional” pastor.
  • Leads through leaders who have a “functional” mindset rather than a “positional” mindset in order to facilitate rather than control.
  • Encourages teaching and learning times that are open to questions and discussion.
  • Includes children as a part of the gathering and ministry time.
  • Provides a casual setting which often includes eating together.
  • Enjoys all the “one anothers” listed in the Scriptures.
  • Functions as a body (organism) rather than an institution or business (organization).
    (I Corinthians 12 and Ephesians 4)